Get your cell-tower leases abstracted and managed efficiently

RE BackOffice is a leading provider of lease abstraction and lease administration services since 2006. We have extensive experience working with the industry’s best telecom companies, helping them manage their tower lease portfolios efficiently.

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Here’s why industry-leading telecom companies choose
RE BackOffice to manage their cell-tower lease portfolios.

We have abstracted and
managed 50,000+
cell-tower licenses

We offer acquisitions
and Due Diligence
management support

We perform
lease abstraction

Our turnaround
times are the best
in the industry

We provide 100%
accuracy guaranty

We collaborate with
legal, accounting &
other stakeholders

24x5 client support

Infuse flexibility into your tower
lease management process

Our extensive experience as a lease abstraction and administration service provider has taught us that every client, every industry is different and that the one-size-fits-all service model won’t work well. That is why we work hard to cater to client-specific needs and customize our solutions to meet them effectively. One of the highlights of choosing RE BackOffice to be your partner in the cell-tower lease management process is the flexibility we bring to the table. We do this in two ways, primarily.

Augment your resources, either
in a pinch or for the long-haul

While we do offer a full suite of lease administration and abstraction services for the telecom industry, we can also effectively augment your existing resources. If you already have a full-time telecom lease abstraction and administration team, you can still bring us onboard to supplement your existing team and ramp up your lease portfolio management process while drastically cutting down new resource add-on costs.

Plus, you also benefit from our vast experience and knowledge of industry-wide best practices that we bring to bear while partnering with your lease admin team.

We can meet your
timelines efficiently

Since all our projects are performed in-house, we have the ability to adhere to YOUR timelines. The start-up time is at your pace, quickly or over time--as desired. Plus, since there are no third parties involved, there are no barriers to our partnership with you that may result in delays. This is especially important, as cell-tower lease management involves dealing with critical time-bound, needs-based triggers like Due Diligence and acquisitions.

With RE BackOffice, you are always
working at full capacity

Working with us helps you ramp your cell-tower lease management process up or down depending on your requirement, at any time. This scalability ensures you never miss a beat managing your cell-tower lease portfolio. Whether there’s a need to fill-in for maternity/paternity leave or a sudden, unexpected, resource turn-over, we help you bridge the gap.

Global capability

We collaborate with clients across the globe including Australia, UK, Germany, France, Spain, India, China and more. We are proficient in working with multilingual leases including Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, etc.

A technology-driven
approach to lease abstraction
and administration services

We believe technology is key to a successful service model irrespective of the line of service. We deploy AI and other core technologies as a part of our standard operating procedures. We have a tech team in-house that’s constantly working to enhance our technological capabilities to enable us to deliver greater efficiencies to our clients.

Our telecom clients

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