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When marketing a commercial real estate property, the rent roll with details of the building occupancy, vacancies and lease expiration, is essential data that needs to be included in your marketing package.

What better way to visually show the layout of your building than with a full color stacking plan! The hard part, of course, is creating these stacking plans. The bar is continually being raised with new types of stacking plans hitting the market such as photo realistic and interactive stacks.

This is one of the more popular service lines at RE BackOffice and it's easy to get started - all we need is a photograph or elevations, and the rent roll. You'll also need to let us know what style of stacking plan you want. We'll do the rest! Stacking plans can be delivered in any one of a number of formats.

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Important Information to Note before Placing an Order

The standard turnaround time for this service is three business days. 24-hour & 48-hour rush options may be available upon request and may require additional charges. If yours is a rush project, please check the box for rush service in the order form.

One free modification request is permitted for this service. If additional modifications are required, charges may apply.

Stacking Plan - 2D 5
Stacking Plan - 2D 4
Stacking Plan - 2D 3
Stacking Plan - 2D 2
Stacking Plan - 2D 1
Stacking Plan - 2D 0
Stacking Plan - 3D 5
Stacking Plan - 3D 4
Stacking Plan - 3D 3
Stacking Plan - 3D 2
Stacking Plan - 3D 1
Stacking Plan - 3D 0
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