With over 100,000 lease abstracts to our credit, our lease abstraction process is one of the best in the industry with a 3-tier quality check system driven by the Six Sigma process to ensure superior quality output in place to ensure every lease abstract we deliver is of the highest quality. Our lease abstraction team consists of well experienced and qualified lease analysts and quality experts with each of them having undergone comprehensive lease abstraction training. Rest assured, our lease analysts are college graduates, with a majority of them having done their Masters as well. These lease and quality analysts have been imparted with intensive training in all angles of lease and most of them have over 5 years of lease abstraction experience.

Our lease abstraction process is ISO 9001:2000 certified and we are in the process of securing ISO 27001 Certification as well. ISO 27001 is one of the most widely recognized, internationally accepted independent security standards. Plus, we carry Errors & Omissions insurance of up to 2 Million US Dollars.

At RE BackOffice, we understand how important the information in your lease is. Our staff works in a highly secure web based Lease Project Management System - ProjectTrack, to ensure that there's no information leakage, either deliberate or unintentional. After the completion of the lease abstraction project, we destroy all data by purging them (electronic data) and shredding them (in case of print data) - in consultation with our clients. Of course, we also sign a non-disclosure agreement with you before the commencement of the lease abstraction project.

Our team of lease analysts are well trained in various lease abstraction interfaces including Virtual Premises, RE Info, RE Flex, Quorum, Leosoft, Class, Prolease, MRI, Lease Harbor, Work Track and more! We can also have the lease abstracts updated to your custom interface, depending on your requirements. Plus, we offer lease abstracts in multiple formats including XML, PDF and Microsoft Excel and Word.

Our expertise in lease abstraction extends to all types of lease abstracts including regulatory lease abstraction, retail lease abstraction, ground lease abstraction, office/industrial lease abstraction and communication towers lease abstraction and equipment lease abstraction.

We have the resources and capacity to deliver upto 1000 lease abstracts per month. The timeline for your project, of course, depends on the scope of work. Please contact us to learn more.

You can send your leases and related documents to us on a compact disc (CD) or allow us to access them through FTP or we can give you access to our FTP server.

RE BackOffice offers 3 basic types of lease abstraction services - standard, basic and custom. The standard lease abstract is a full lease abstract with x fields covering most of the clauses. The standard lease abstract uses a template developed in-house by RE BackOffice and is priced at $160+. The basic lease abstract provides you with the essence of the leases, the key financial terms, and is priced at $130+. Our custom abstract, as the name implies, is customized to suit your requirements. The price of a custom abstract depends on the quantity and nature of the information you want captured.

Besides lease abstraction, we also offer the following services

  • Lease document management
  • PDF bookmarking
  • Lease document tagging
  • Lease data migration
  • CAM audits & reconciliation
  • Lease administration
  • Lease audit/Data clean-up