Virtual Assistant
Wish you could off-load your tasks and spend your
time and money more wisely?
Concentrate on the big picture while we take care of the details....

Introducing Virtual Assistant services that can help to fill any niche and save on overhead. This innovative service offers highly trained Virtual Assistants to take care of all your project needs. Our Virtual Assistant support offers reliability, flexibility, and increased productivity by helping to streamline projects.

The best part is that each of our Virtual Assistants is backed by a team of specialized personnel all dedicated to providing reliable and quality service. Our Virtual Assistant service is a personal assistant without the cost of hiring in-house.

At a price as low as $250 for 10 hours of service a month, you can now direct your time and money towards more revenue-producing activities. With a Virtual Assistant you will have dedicated assistance without having to incur the major resources and overhead expenses that are associated with hiring a full-time employee.

We encourage you to work with us to ensure that your current and future requirements are met. Our attractive upgrade programs and services are tailored to your specific business needs.

For as little as $250 per month

What your Virtual Assistant can do for you!
Your Virtual Assistant is standing by to help you with all your marketing needs.

Social Media

Website Updates
and Search Engine

(WordPress, etc.)

Data entry and data
management services.
Adding property data

Flyer generation -
creation of PDF’s for both
web / email friendly and

Sending emails to
customer prospects
- individually or to a list

Contact list uploading
Including scrubbing
the list for data

Email campaign
generation - preparation
and execution of email

Updating listings in
Loopnet, Commercial IQ,
Commercial Source,
Google Base and more.

After spending too much time on marketing and not enough on sales, I realized I needed to outsource many of my marketing functions.
The hardest part was finding a firm who not only understood design and technology but also commercial real estate.
RE BackOffice has been my saving grace. With this arrangement, I receive a certain number of hours each month that I can use them for in any way I choose
and have a great Virtual Assistant who is very attentive to my deadlines and my design wishes. She is even thinking ahead for me
by suggesting other projects they can help me with. The icing on the cake was their ability to setup email campaigns using our company’s intranet
and automating them on a regular schedule. Great people and great service!

— Doug Richter, Managing Director