Real Estate Marketing Services

Marketing properties in a timely fashion and at a level of quality that the market expects, presents a unique challenge. From gathering the project details, to dealing with compressed and aggressive timelines, to creating, re-creating and touching up work done by others - it is simply a time consuming and difficult task. low-cost expert help, when needed and where needed, would be welcome. Thankfully there is a solution.

RE BackOffice has introduced an on-demand, low-cost set of services to support the marketing functions of your business. We offer: site plan & floor plan re-creation, custom maps, property websites (wordpress and HTML), offering memorandums, stacking plans, renderings, postcards, flyer creation, document assembly, etc.

In short, we plug in where you're weak or when you might need an extra bit of help on a project... We're Scalable, Flexible and Cost Efficient.