Why postponing the implementation of FASB may not be a good idea


FASB has replaced a nearly 40 year old ASC 840 standards and so the changes required to be implemented are definitely not inconsequential. With the aim of covering some major accounting gaps, the new standards came into force for public companies as of December 15, 2018. Private companies will follow on December 15, 2019. It’s March, so private companies have very little time left to implement the new accounting standards. Companies who have already started the implementation process have realized that compliance and implementation are more challenging than expected.(more…)

The present and future of lease administration challenges


Lease administration is the process of gathering critical data from leases and configuring them in a centralized system. The activities involved are lease review and abstraction, cam audits, certificate of insurance management, important document storage and maintenance, critical dates monitoring, operating expenses review etc. Effective lease administration helps to limit costs, mitigate risk, monitor contractual obligations and ensure compliance with legal regulations.(more…)

Building on significant growth in 2018, America’s leading lease abstraction company, RE BackOffice (REBO) looks forward to an exciting 2019

New service lines, expanded target industries, and broadening partnerships with existing clients are expected to be the highlights for REBO this year


Friday, 15th March, 2019, Pittsburgh, PA: In 2018, apart from working with industry leading clients on lease abstraction and marketing services, REBO focused on growing its commercial lease administration services. New partnerships with commercial lease management firms allowed REBO to offer the service on a larger scale.(more…)