The what, when and how of CRE lease audit

The what, when and how of CRE lease audit

Calculating the financial aspects of leases is a complex task, especially when the building’s operational costs are passed on to the tenant. The scope of overcharging the tenant by the landlord is high leading to monetary losses that might go undetected for several years. A lease audit is a vital tool for identifying overcharges and to prevent them in future. Lease audit analyzes and reports discrepancies in the charges that can help save a tenant thousands of dollars.


Choosing A Lease Administration Software That’s Right For You

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Abstracting and managing leases can be hard. What makes it even more complex are the new accounting standards that went into effect. Companies are scrambling to adopt a lease administration software solution in order to simplify adherence to these new standards and avoid penalties. However, choosing a lease administration software solution that meets a company’s need can be tricky. Let’s look at some tips that will come in handy in selecting the best lease administration software.(more…)