RE BackOffice’s research services cover both, micro and macro environment and we can customize our services based on your requirements. Our years of experience in the real estate industry provide us an edge when it comes to supplying accurate and reliable data.

We offer the following research services:

  • Sale listing updates
  • Sale comparables
  • Lease listing updates
  • Quarterly market reports
  • Contact research
  • Property (Title) research
  • Relocation analysis
  • Ownership Research

Broker’s price opinion (BPO) services

RE BackOffice can help you determine the right price for your property listings. We help you arrive at accurate property price estimates –for both, rent and sale, by performing extensive research on comparables and other relevant property data.

Title search services

Clarity of title, information about encumbrances and liens on properties are vital factors when deciding property value or its insurance. But, if you are finding that title searches are claiming your precious time and resource and not allowing you to focus on your offering, then its’ time to step back and allow us to assist you. You need to provide us with the APN/Parcel number or the address of the property. Our data abstractors then use this information for an on-line property look up at reputed government portals. Our team thoroughly scrutinizes all documents available in relation to the property in question and extracts key data from them. The information is then made available to you in the format of your choice—Word, Excel or PDF.

Rebackoffice Market research
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