Rebackoffice Lease abstraction services

Lease Abstraction
& Administration

FASB Compliance

Lease Audits

Financial Abstracts

Regulatory Abstracts

Full Abstracts


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Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate

Digital Marketing

Floor plans



Graphics Support

Stacking Plans


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Other rebackoffice Services
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Facility management and tenant communication made easy


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Efficient, Economical and Effective Solutions

At RE BackOffice, we realize that the business environment is more challenging and competitive now than ever before. Getting things done on time, in a manner that's cost effective and efficient is difficult without a resourceful and capable support team. There never seems to be enough resources, whether it's skilled labor or capital to get the job done on time.

This is where RE BackOffice steps in with its 'efficient, economical & effective' business model.

We provide our clients with the highest quality graphics, research and data services, and do so at the lowest price points possible. Best of all, we provide our services on-demand, meaning we're there when you need us.


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